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|2020/2/12 17:53:40|

     Hebei Children’s Hospital ( Hebei Fifth General Hospital ) was originally established in 1989.It consists of the main hospital(comprehensive hospital area) and the North hospital(Rehabilitation ,Psychological Behavior Department )with a total floor area of 86 thousand square meters. Staffed with more than 2, 100 employees and equipped with 1200 registered beds. The hospital is capable of receiving more than 2.1 million outpatients, over 48,000 inpatients and performing more than 15, 000 operations per year and growing year by year. It is a comprehensive Grade3A (top level in China) pediatric hospital that combines functions of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health care, rehabilitation and emergency. The hospital is directly under Hebei Provincial Health Committee and affiliates to Hebei Medical University. It is awarded as the National Baby-friendly Hospital, National People-assured Demonstration Hospital, Hebei Advanced Collective and it is among the Top Hospitals in Hebei Province.It established cooperation with Futang Children’s Medical Development Research Center and became the main member units of Beijing Children's Hospital Group in 2013.

Through 30 years’ development, the comprehensive strength of Hebei Children’s Hospital has been growing. At present, it has been built up to a comprehensive Children’s Hospital boasting a strong technical force and advanced medical equipment as well as complete supporting facilities. There are 39 clinical departments and 13 medical technical departments in the hospital, including 1 national key clinical specialty, 4 provincial key clinical specialties, 2 provincial key medical disciplines, 2 provincial key medical development disciplines and 8 provincial medical centers.

The hospital has promoted actively the growth of professional disciplines and taken rigid measures to secure the development of scientific research and medical education. It is set as  the First Batch of National Newborn Perinatal Medical Specialist Standardized Training Base, the First Batch of Pedia-leukemia Designated Hospital and Lead-unit of Pediatric Solid Oncoma Diagnosis and Treatment Collaboration Group, the First Batch of Provincial Medical Continuing Education Base, Hebei the Residents Base of Standardized Training, Hebei Training of Pediatrician in Job Transfers and Hebei Strabismus of Children Eye Disease Protection Base.The hospital focuses on introducing new technologies and projects. ECMO technology has been successfully adopted for infants of young age, low weight, complex congenital heart disease and critical illness even for newborns. The practice of the technology marked huge leap in the level of intensive care medicine in the hospital.

In recent years, the hospital proactively pushes forward the specialty building to boost its brand value. Remote consultation center has been established to achieve collaboration with domestic and foreign experts. In order to adapt to the development trend of modern medical diagnosis and treatment model, to offer comprehensive, full-course and personalized diagnostic services, the hospital form a multidisciplinary collaboration team (MDT) to enhance the quality of clinical diagnosis and treatment as well as that of medical service.

To better play the leading role of pediatric medical center in Hebei Province and achieve the service model of "patients stay while doctors move" , the hospital founded Hebei Pediatric Medical Alliance in 2013. As the lead-unit of the alliance, the hospital has had 72 medical consortium member units. Being the technical guidance unit of Beijing Children's Hospital Group and Hebei designated-hospital for screening pediatric congenital construction malformation, the hospital has expanded the scope of screening, diagnosis and treatment of the alliance to all parts of Hebei Province and the surrounding areas.

Hebei children’s hospital attaches great importance to cultivate outstanding talents, strives to create high-quality disciplines. The hospital advances the discipline development with innovative and globalized ways of thinking while opening to enhance international exchange and cooperation. It has established friendly relationship and carried out extensive cooperation in medical technology and scientific research and education with world-renowned medical and research institutes in countries like United States, Italy, Israel, Russia, Australia, Ireland, France and region as Taiwan and so forth. For wider integration with international standards, independent administrative department has been set to manage international affairs. In the coming years, it is to carry out international exchanges and cooperation even more actively.

At the same time, the hospital adheres to the code of conduct of " Patient-oriented, practice medicine with virtue, spread kindness by medicine " , providing medical technology assistance to countries with relatively backward medical and health conditions in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe and sending medical experts to support the building of medical and health services in Nepal, Georgia, Congo and other countries.

Key Discipline Display:

l  National Key Clinical Specialty:

   Neonatology Department

l  Provincial Key Clinical Specialties:

    Pediatric Surgery

    Pediatric Internal Medicine

    Intensive  Care Unit

    Medical  Laboratory

l  Provincial Key Medical Disciplines:

    Neonatology Department

    Respiratory Department

l  Provincial Key Medical Development Disciplines:

    Pediatric Surgery

    Ultrasonography Department

Provincial Medcial Centers :

l  Hebei Critical Neonatal Care Center

l  Hebei Children Congenital Heart Disease Treatment Center

l  Hebei Ultrasonic Diagnosis Center of Fetal Congenital Heart Disease

l  Hebei Technical Guidance Center for Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

l  Hebei Neonatal Hearing Screening center

Hebei Retinopathy Screening Center of Premature Infants

l  Hebei Children Congenital Heart Disease Screening Center

l  Hebei Clinical Medical Research Center